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1 Home Health Aide

A Home Health Aide must be able to read, write and understand English and be able to follow instructions (oral or written). The applicant must be physically and emotionally healthy. Applicant must have a kind and sympathetic attitude toward the invalid and aging person confined in the home. Completion of a NY State Department of Health, Home Health Aide approved training program or competency evaluation for which a certificate has been issued.

Health Requirements

  1. Completed health examination approved and signed by a physician
  2. Negative results form a Mantoux test or chest-x-ray.
  3. Positive results form a Mantoux test are to be followed by the appropriate clinical tests
  4. Rubella immunization or proof of immunity

Other Requirements

  1. Two satisfactory written references verifying former employment or two written recommendations for employment, if the applicant has no work history. Two personal/character references.
  2. Two documents verifying identification and eligibility to work (social security card, driver’s license, picture ID. birth certificates, passport. etc.)

RESPONSIBILITIES NOTE: For clarification of Permissible and Non-Permissible Activities for Home Health Aides, refer to the Matrix on file with the Job Description for HHA.

  1. Assistance with bath; bed, shower or tub, as appropriate.
  2. Assist patient with personal care and grooming as needed: oral hygiene, skin care, hair dressing and undressing.
  3. Assist patient to the bathroom; use of bedpan or commode, as appropriate.
  4. Assist patient with transfers from bed to chair, wheel¬chair or walker as instructed
  5. Meal preparation according to dietary orders and feeding the patient, when it is necessary
  6. Performing household services that are essential to the patient’s well-being in the home.

    a.Light dusting, vacuuming of the patient’s immediate environment and cleaning of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom used by the patient
    b. If necessary, shopping for the patient and payment of household bills

Additional Responsibilities May Include:
Permissible health-related tasks to include:

  1. administration of medications;
  2. simple measurements and tests to routinely monitor the patient’s condition, as appropriate;
  3. changing dressings of stable surface wounds; provision of special skin care;
  4. caring for an ostomy after the ostomy has achieved normal function;
  5. recording of daily activities involving patient care;
  6. performance of a maintenance exercise program; use of medical equipment, supplies and devices;
  7. other health related tasks as approved by the physician, registered nurse and the activities considered permissi¬ble and non-permissible by the NY State Department of Health.
  8. The Home Health Aide must report to the Registered Nurse for approval and on-the-job training for any procedure that is not included in the Patient Care Plan.
  9. The HHA must report immediately to the Registered Nurse or agency office, any changes that occur in the patient s condition, or family situation.



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