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1 Personal Care Aide II
(Personal Companion/Homemaker)


A PCA Level I is a person who meets the minimum criteria for a personal care worker performing only environmental and nutritional functions necessary to maintain the patient in his/her own home.


Ability to read and write English, consistent with job requirements; bi-lingual skills desirable. Applicants interested in delivering personal care services must be physically and emotionally healthy and, have a kind and sympathetic attitude toward the invalid and aging person confined in the home.

Health Requirements

  1. Completed health examination, approved and signed by a physician -
  2. Negative results from a Mantoux skin test or chest x—ray.
  3. Positive results from Mantoux skin test are to be followed up with appropriate clinical tests.
  4. Rubella immunization or proof of immunity.

Other Requirements

  1. Two satisfactory written references verifying former employment or two written recommendations for employment, if the applicant has no work history. Two personal/character references.
  2. Two documents verifying identification and eligibility to work (social security card, driver’s license, picture ID. birth certificates, passport. etc.)



  1. Make and change unoccupied bed;
  2. Dust/vacuum the rooms used by the patient;
  3. Light cleaning of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom;
  4. Dishwashing;
  5. Listing needed supplies/ Shopping;
  6. Laundering, ironing and mending;
  7. Accompany to MD appointments


(Defined as a change in one nutrient, amount of calories or mechanically altered.)
Examples include: low fiber, low fat, low cholesterol, low sugar, low sodium, low calories, high fiber, high calorie, and high protein, bland, soft, liquid, chopped ground, pureed.

a. Develop menu.
b. Prepare grocery list.
c. Grocery shopping.
d. Prepare meals.



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